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Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead

The Gaming Goat Austin

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What if you were the heroes of Night of the Living Dead, the
famous zombie movie by George A. Romero? Take on the leading
roles as survivors, fighting together against ghouls controlled
by the game itself, using simple and intuitive rules. Swap your
survivor’s identity between Romero mode, recreating the movie’s
atmosphere, and Zombicide mode, going all-out against your living
dead foes! Find weapons, eliminate ghouls, and upgrade your
survivor’s skills along the way. But be careful, as the more ghouls
you kill, the more of them show up. Will you survive the Night?

• Highly-Detailed Miniature Figures: Each Survivor
and Ghoul in the game is represented on the table
by highly-detailed miniature a figure, depicting
the survivors from George A. Romero’s movie and
many of the undead ghouls that they must fight.
• Two Survivor Modes: Survivors will switch back and
forth between Zombicide Mode and Romero Mode,
showing how they become more confident over
time, then shrink back again when a former friend is
seen among the undead masses.
• Many Scenarios: Players will progress through the
different scenarios using the modular game tiles.
Scenarios attempt to bring the scenes and actions
of the classic horror movie to player’s tabletops,
letting them see how they’d respond when put into
this nightmare scenario.