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Funbrick Series - 3 Second Try (English)

Itten Games

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Face different physical and mental challenges in under 3 seconds to score points. The first player (called "Master") reveals a challenge from either the "Physical" (Dexterity) or the "Brain" (Intellect) card pile. The first player immediately releases the ball from the top of the slide. All players bid / bet on how many times they think they can do the challenge in under 3 seconds before the ball reaches the bottom. The highest bidder starts with his try. If he can for example name 5 (5 was his bid in this example) different words starting with a before the ball reaches the magnet at the bottom he wins and receives the card. This is determined by the player covering the magnet before the ball passes. If not, the next highest bidder has to try to fulfil his own bet (i.e. 4) and so on.

The first player to earn 2 cards wins.