Welcome to Tanuki Games! Feel free to shop on-line or visit us in store at our Austin, TX location!

About Us / Frequently Asked Questions

Tanuki Games is retail store dedicated to all things gaming! We specialize in Board Games, Role-Playing Games, and Trading Card games. Our educated and friendly staff along with our open layout with front facing games makes for a great place to geek out on games. Not only that, but our pricing is competitive with on-line stores - we offer up to 30% off!


Tanuki Games is located in the Crescent Shopping Center at the corner of Airport Blvd and North Lamar. This wonderful shopping center has it all! Anchored by 99 Ranch, the excellent Asian grocery store, Kinokuniya, the Japanese Book Store, and several restaurants and bakeries including Kura Sushi and 89 Degrees. We love being a part of this wonderful shopping center.

We hope you'll spend the day visiting our stores and many others in the center!

Tanuki Games

6929 Airport Blvd #134
Austin, TX 78752


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

  • What are your hours?
Tuesday - Friday:  1:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday:  12:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.
    • What is your return policy?

    In most cases, if a product is unopened and in resalable condition, it can be returned within 30 days. The one exception is Trading Card Game products. We do not accept returns on any Trading Card Games, or cancellations on Trading Card Games preorders.

    Refunds on purchases or cancellations on preorders made with a credit card will be subject to a 4% credit card transaction fee. If you accept store credit there is no fee.

    • Why is there a fee when I request a refund to my credit card?

    Its a bit tricky to explain, so here is a fictional scenario using cash instead:

    Lets say you buy a game from our store with one hundred $1 bills. As you hand them to us, someone from Shopify is standing there, and they take four of those $1 bills as their processing fee. As soon as that $4 lands in their greedy little hands, that person from Shopify runs off with that money, never to be seen again.

    So, if you then come back and ask for a refund, we can only give you $96 because that is all we ever received from your transaction. If we give you $100, we are taking a $4 loss because that person from Shopify does not return the $4 they took for their processing fee.

    We really dislike this policy, and think its unfair that Shopify operates this way. But sadly, that's how it works, and we can't afford to lose that money every time we process a return.

    If we are processing a return because of a mistake we made, we will of course refund the entire amount.

    • A game I bought is missing a component, what do I do?

    In most cases, we will have to ask you to contact the publisher for a replacement part. This is what THEY want and they are generally very quick about getting replacement parts sent out. The one exception is Asmodee. If you have a game published by Asmodee (Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, CMON, etc) please return it to the store and we will get you a replacement copy.

    • Do you offer in-store gaming?

    At this time we do not. We are still doing our best to minimize exposure to Covid.

    • Will you offer in-store gaming in the future?

    Honestly this is a difficult question and the answer is unclear. We have so much product now that it will be very difficult to make room for tables. We would like to, but we aren't sure how that will work. We will make this decision a priority when we feel the Covid situation is under control.

    • When are you taking preorders for X trading card game?

    We take this on a case by case basis, typically choosing to wait until as close to release for a variety of reasons. Please check this website or follow our Facebook page for the most up to date information. 

    Please note when we do take preorders for trading card games, we do not allow cancellations.

    • Are there limits to the number of an individual item I can order?

    Generally no, but there are exceptions. Sometimes individual items will have this is clearly posted.

    We reserve the right to impose limits on the purchase of an item at anytime if we feel excessive purchase of an individual item is harmful to our business.

    • Are you hiring?

    We are not hiring at the moment, but always accepting resumes. Please email your resume to hello@tanukigamesatx.com and we'll keep it on file. Thanks!


    Shipping Questions:

    • Where do you ship?

    We ship within the United States. We do not ship internationally.

    • Do you have a free shipping threshold?

      Sorry, we do not. 

      • When will my in-stock order ship?

      We try to ship orders as soon as possible. We are first and foremost a customer facing retail store, and our local customers are our top priority. But even so, we typically prepare an order to be shipped within two days of receiving it. 

      Please note, UPS does not pick up on weekends, and we are not open on Monday. So if you place an order late Thursday - Monday it will not likely leave the store until Tuesday.

      • The shipping option I chose said it would take x days to arrive. X days have passed. Where is my order? 

      The shipping option you choose lists the time in transit once the package is picked up by UPS. This does not account for the time it takes us to prepare and ship the package.

      • What happens when I place an order that includes preorders?

      If you place an order that includes both in stock and preorder games, we hold the in-stock games until the preordered games arrive and ship them together. If you like, we can ship games as they arrive for an additional shipping fee.


      Crowdfunding Questions:

      • I backed crowdfunding campaign X through you. When is it arriving?

      We back many many Kickstarters and can't keep tabs on the progress of each one. The most recent information available will always be found in the most recent updates for that specific Kickstarter Campaign.

      • How does backing crowdfunded games through Tanuki Games work?

      Please see this page for more info.