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HacKClad (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Japanime Games

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This listing is a deposit for the HacKClad. Paying this deposit secures you access to your choice of the tier of game you would like. The remaining balance ($TBD) will be due when the game is available.

Monsters given the name of Clad have brought devastation upon humanity. However, they also hold a valuable resource known as magic stones. The only ones able to face them are witches given the power of future sight, who compete for the most fame. Players take control of these witches trying to complete missions and gain the most magic stones from the Clad.

Each player uses a personal deck of cards which they can upgrade each time they cycle through. Each turn, draw from your deck to a hand of three cards. Play cards to maneuver your witch around the board, attack, and use other effects. The three attacks the Clad will unleash each round are always visible beforehand. Players draft for turn order, playing between each of the boss turns, so planning around where the boss will move and attack when your turn comes around becomes key. Each point of damage dealt to the Clad gets you a magic stone. After nine rounds, whoever has the most victory points from magic stones and cards in their deck wins the game.