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Make the Difference - Oink

Oink Games

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Hey, newbie! Welcome! The main role of the DDD, "The Department of Difference Development", is making Spot the Difference puzzles! Oink Games wants YOU to take some of our premade illustrations and draw in some differences. But hold on! They don't need to tell you that making it too easy isn't fun, but on the other hand, making it too hard can be a bummer too. You gotta find that sweet spot and make it just difficult enough to find the differences. If you find the differences within the time limit, you score! For everyone that has ever wanted to make their own Spot the Difference puzzle, this is the board game for you! With your friends, with your family, have some fun together!

Ages 7+
2-5 players
20 minute play time

100 Illustration Sheets (10 types, 10 each)
5 Pens
31 Score Chips
Clear Board
Boldness Checker
Game Manual (JA/EN)