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Bananya: The Card Game - Limited Edition

Japanime Games

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Get ready for Bananya, the cutest card game in town about the kitty that lives in a banana! Along with Love Live! Sunshine!, we secured the license from Crunchyroll to create this quick-play card game all about collecting these adorable cats! Two to four players are trying to collect a full set of Bananyas before their opponents.

You and up to 3 other players draw cards, play cards to resolve their effects, and force your opponents to put cards in the litterbox - the first player to get all 10 Bananyas of the same type wins the game - but only if they shout "Nya!"

This Limited Edition game has a bigger box to accommodate all the expansions, the Kickstarter-exclusive promo pack and a special outer design. We will only be printing enough to fulfill the Kickstarter/BackerKit and then will never reprint!