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뱀파이어 퀸 | Vampire Queen


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The gray morning has arrived, and the vampires

of the ancient clans must now hurry back to their tombs.

For the high and mighty this is easy,

but the smaller, weaker vampires have the strength to do this only in groups.

Thus, you as the vampire lord might want to play out several

with low values together in order not to be surpassed.


Whatever you do in Vampire Queen, though,

be sure to rid yourself of the intrusive vampire hunter

because no one wants to get stuck with that!

뱀파이어 퀸 | Vampire Queen

작가 : 볼프강 크라머 | Wolfgang Kramer

일러스트레이터 : 길완진 | Wanjin Gill

 8세이상 | 3-12명 | 20분



  • 110 Cards


    새벽이 밝았습니다

    착한 뱀파이어는 잠자리에  시간입니다

    늦게 잠드는 뱀파이어는 뱀파이어 헌터가 잡아갑니다.