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2023 Cybercel Chainsaw Man Trading Cards Box (20 Packs)


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2023 FiGPIN CyberCel Chainsaw Man Anime Trading Cards delivers (1) Super Rare Foil CyberCel Card and (1) XL CyberCel Numbered Card in Every Box! From FiGPIN comes a new spin on Anime trading cards, CyberCels! A translucent animated art cel with a character themed border and back drop!

Configuration: 6 boxes/20 packs/3 cards

2023 CyberCel Chainsaw Man Anime Trading Cards Box Break:

  • (1) Super Rare Foil CyberCel Card
  • (1) XL CyberCel Numbered Card

2023 CyberCel Chainsaw Man Anime Trading Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Officially Licensed Anime Art Cards that are both a booklet card and trading card. The booklet can even stay open to let the light shine through the art!
  • Collect the following CyberCel cards:
    • (12) Common CyberCel Cards of top Anime Characters
    • (9) RARE CyberCel cards featuring foil borders
    • (4) SUPER RARE CyberCel cards featuring Holographic borders - (1) in Every Box! - on average
    • (1) HYPER RARE CyberCel cards featuring Holographic, Gold Foil and Glitter! - (1) in Every Case! - on average
    • (1) ULTRA RARE CyberCel cards featuring Holographic Foil and Glitter!
    • Every Box also includes (1) XL Oversized CyberCel numbered card as a box topper, measuring 4.25" x 6"