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A Life Well Lived RPG

Cubicle 7 Entertainment

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A Life Well Lived accompanies an adventurer throughout their life, from their humble origins through their heroic quest, and ultimately, if they’re lucky, their retirement from the dangerous path of adventure.

A perfect book to add depth and meaning to your games. Create fully realised characters whose life experiences influence the skills they learn before the adventure begins.
★ Campcraft Activities to enjoy the quiet moments around the campfire as you share stories of the past, prepare for what is to come, and bond with your companions.
★ Downtime Activities to explore what your hero gets up to between adventures, from establishing a business, grasping fleeting moments with friends and family, or causing troubleon the city streets!
★ Hang up your sword and leave the adventuring life behind as you Retire, and see what lifehas in store for you after the swords and sorcery... at least until trouble comes knocking oncemore, dragging you out of retirement and back into the action for one last adventure!