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Ascension Tactics: Inferno (Experience Tier) (Kickstarter)

Stoneblade Entertainment

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Estimated to be available in April 2024.

This includes a copy of Ascension Tactics: Inferno plus the minis and all stretch goals!

In Ascension Tactics' final battle for Deofol, the Champions defeated both Samael and Xeron. With Samael destroyed and Xeron now in hiding, the arch-devil Kythis has taken control of the infernal realm, forcing its people to submit to his might.

It is up to the Champions of Vigil, alongside a few rebellious monsters, to bring peace to the twisted lands, and set Deofol on a path to redemption in Ascension Tactics: Inferno!

Ascension Tactics: Inferno is a stand-alone expansion to the hit game, Ascension Tactics. Ascension Tactics: Inferno includes all of your favorite gameplay mechanics found in the original game and introduces some new features to take gameplay to a whole new level:

  • Four player co-op! In addition to solo, campaign, a team-based play, Inferno includes the ability for you and three friends to take on the game in the new four player co-op mode!
  • A new faction: The Fallen. For the first time in the history of Ascension, a new, fifth faction is being introduced to the game!
  • Transforming Champions! If you complete the requirements to transform a Champion during the game, both its card and miniature will be replaced with a stronger version and new abilities!
  • Quests! Each player will be given a Quest to complete during the game. Once completed, it transforms into a powerful Construct that can be equipped to your Champions!
  • Dual-faction Champions! Discover Champions that have abilities from not one, but two factions!