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Barbaric (Deposit) (Gamefound)

25th Century Games

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This deposit secures you a copy of Barbaric. If your deposit is in before the pledge manager, you can customize your pledge. The remaining balance (TBD) will be due when the game arrives.

Barbaric is a competitive miniature board game, in which players assume the role of mutated animals, known as The Rider, riding unique craft ship, known as The Gear. Each Rider and Gear have their own deck of cards, which has distinctive special power from other decks.

Players are going to combine Rider’s and Gear’s deck together to create their own play deck, which hold endless combination and strategy.

In each turn, players will take actions to either move around the board, salvage for valuable resource, or play their cards to improve their Rider or Gear. Players will need to compete to retrieve the Atomic core, which is located on the main board.

However, players can’t just snatch the core and escape. The core is guarded by the gigantic monster, known as “The Queen,” and her minions, which get stronger as the game progresses.

The player, who retrieves the core and move out of the board, will be declared the victor of Barbaric: After the Apocalypse.