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Bicycle Playing Cards: Euchre (2021)


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NEW FOR 2021! The Bicycle ® Euchre deck is specially made for the game of Euchre and includes two Euchre decks with 9 - Ace cards in two different color card backs with 4 sets of score cards.

Printed on Bicycle® Thin Crushed ™ card stock to offer players a superior card playing experience, the Bicycle Euchre deck is a must have for your next game night.

★ Bilingual Tuck for Canada distribution
★ Two complete Euchre decks in two different colors of the Classic Rider Back design
★ 4 sets of scoring cards
★ Printed on Bicycle® Thin Crushed ™ cardstock
★ Classic Air-Cushion® Finish for ease of shuffling and optimum performance
★ Fully recyclable playing cards