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Builder's High - Hobby Japan Kawasaki Factory Game Production 20th Anniversary (Import)

Hobby Japan

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This game does include English Rules.

Builder's High is a game that builds buildings by paying budget cards. However, no waste is allowed. Build by paying exactly the cost of a well-combined budget card. The purpose of this game is to achieve one of the multiple presented city planning cards. What you can do on your turn is simple: take a budget card or a construction card, or construct a building. You'll need cunning to figure out what to do, manage your money, read your opponent's plans, and get cards ahead of time. Also, even if the city plan is achieved, there is no peace of mind. Eventually you have to use up all the cards in your hand. Lean management makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Building cards have effects, which can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation. Let's create a bustling city by managing your hand and card effects well!