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Canvas Finishing Touches (Deluxe)

Road to Infamy

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The gallery is seeking new masterpieces! In Canvas: Finishing Touches, complete your works of art and show them off to the world with the new Frames! These Frames add a layer of interaction as players compete to have their work displayed on the gallery wall.

This expansion to Canvas adds a new layer of competitive interaction with the new frames!

*Requires Canvas base game

Comes with:

  • 30 Transparent Art Cards
  • Game Board Extension
  • 4 Frames
  • 8 Scoring Cards
  • 7 Background Cards
  • 15 Sleeves15 Platinum Ribbon Tokens
  • Score Pad
  • Rulebook

PLUS this exclusive content:

  • 10 More Transparent Art Cards
  • 12 Painter Cards
  • 5 Signature Style Cards
  • 15 Wood Platinum Ribbons
  • 12 More Sleeves