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Catan: Starfarers 5-6 Player Extension (2nd Edition)


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Adds up to two additional players to CATAN – Starfarers for an even
more epic race to explore and settle the galaxy. This extension not
only adds new player pieces, motherships, and additional space
sectors, but also introduces the mysterious alien civilization — The
Travelers. Players can strike up trade alliances with the Travelers to
benefit from their super- natural powers!

Additionally, the new Pilot 1/Pilot 2 turn-taking system ensures that
players stay more engaged by allowing building and moving in
between active turns.


2 motherships, 8 cannons, 8 boosters, 8 freight pods,14 colored balls, 20 fame medal pieces, 12 number discs, 40 resource
cards, 46 player pieces, 3 new space sectors, 3 new markers, 2 new special markers, 5 new friendship cards, 14 new
overview cards, 1 sticker sheet, 1 rule booklet

Adds up to two more players to CATAN – Starfarers.
New “Pilot 1/Pilot 2” turn taking system keeps
players engaged with more options and actions
between their active turns.
Introduces a new alien civilization — The Travelers.
Starfarers won Best Reprint award from the gaming
podcast Rolling Dice Taking Names in 2019.
Starfarers was featured in a Tabletop Showcase