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Check Out! (Import) (Singapore)

Mercat Games

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It's the start of the day, and you are late for work! You rush to your favorite convenience store to grab some breakfast, but unfortunately, it's everyone else's favorite, too! The clock is ticking, and speed is of the essence! Grab what you can before others can get their grubby hands on it, and be the first in queue to check out to get priority access to the sweet, sweet over-the-counter deals! Will you be able to fill your growling hunger and get to work on time?

In Check Out!, players roll dice simultaneously and try to purchase food and drinks that are laid out on the table. Players can choose to keep re-rolling or "check out" by moving their unused dice to the check-out counter in queue. The last player still rolling is forced to check out. Players can now use their unused dice to exchange for limited promotional deals to earn more points in the order they are queued. Any unused dice at the end of the turn can be exchanged for money which can be used at the fifth bonus round for a comeback!

The players with the most points wins!