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Cho Han Trick Taking Game (Import)

Paix Guild

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Includes English Rules

Cho-Han Trick Taking Game is a must-follow trick-taking game for 3 to 5 players by Paix Guid, the designer of Trick of Fixer.

The objective of this game is to bid on “Cho-Han” (odd or even) and win money based on your wager. In a typical Cho-Han game, players bet on whether the sum of the numbers rolled on two dice is odd or even. In Cho-Han Trick Taking Game, this is done through trick-taking: the ranks of the strongest and weakest cards played in each trick are used as the numbers rolled on the dice, and bets and dividends are made based on the sum of these ranks. Seize opportunities to make bets, manipulate the outcomes with your hand, and increase your wager to achieve a great victory.