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Coyote & Crow RPG


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More than 700 years ago, a massive disaster changed the course of history. The world was plunged into centuries of darkness, but the event also introduced the Adanadi - the Gift - a strange mark that appeared on all life. This mark would have a massive impact on humanity. Centuries later, the Earth is healing. New, advanced nations have risen. Ancient legends stir.

Coyote & Crow is a tabletop roleplaying game set in an alternate future where colonization of the Americas never happened. In this world that is both familiar and entirely new, you’ll take on the role of heroic characters adventuring in a changing landscape.

Coyote & Crow is a bold look into a different future full of possibilities and fresh perspectives, created and developed by a diverse, Indigenous-led team.


- 480 Pages
-Spot UV Cover
- More than 125 Illustrations
- Includes one-shot story
- Includes pregenerated starter characters
- Includes full-color, pull-out Cahokia city map