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Crusoe Crew - Graphic Novel Adventures

Van Ryder Games

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In The Crusoe Crew, you'll work together with the other players to explore islands, solve puzzles, and find rubies, pearls, and statuettes that will allow you to buy items for the next session!

The Crusoe Crew is for 1-4 players ages 7 and up, and one adventure you won't soon forget!


In The Crusoe Crew, each player will choose one of Robinson Crusoe’s four children — each with their own special talent — and have their own book!

Since your father is sick, you are going to have to be the ones to do the treasure hunting this week. You'll hunt for rubies, pearls, and valuable statuettes on one of several surrounding islands.

You'll need to work together and be especially aware of hidden numbers and paths that are unique to your character!


You are playing as Neta. You are very agile and able to get to places and reach things that your brothers and sisters can't! While at first glance, your book looks very much the same as the others, there is a hidden number in the frame that you can spot that the others cannot. Do you see it?

You can all see the number 190 on your father's bed, but did you notice the 199 on top of the cookie jar that is sitting on the cabinet? That is only in Neta's book as he is the only one who can get to it! You would turn to that frame in your book and let your siblings know what you found!