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Darkest Dungeon - Heirloom Chest Loot Expansion

Mythic Games

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The Heirloom Loot Chest provides cosmetic upgrades that you can use in your game, as well as for dioramas and miniature showcasing. 

It contains no less than three sets of plastic tokens (replacing the Gold, Exploration, and Loot Chest tokens), double-sided cardboard backgrounds for each location that add ambience to the table whenever you play, and a double-layered Hamlet board to further enhance the levelling up aspect of each building .

59 Plastic Tokens:

  • 10x 1 value gold tokens
  • 10x 5 value gold tokens
  • 4x 10 value gold tokens
  • 25 x exploration tokens
  • 10 Loot tokens 

Sticker sheets:

  • 1 4C sticker sheet for exploration tokens 
  • 1 4C sticker sheet for loot tokens 

1 cloth bag for loot tokens 

9 Double-sided Cardboard Location Backgrounds 

1 Double-layered Hamlet Board