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Death Valley

Critical Kit LTD

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Welcome to Death Valley, where you will take on the role of an undead resident of Bardo’s Bluff. Whether you desire to exist in peace or seek out revenge for your wrongful killing, there is always something or someone determined to make your life hell.

From the award-winning creator of Be Like a Crow comes a TTRPG that is quick to learn and will provide endless hours of role-playing terror, fun and sharp-shooting.

This quick-start book contains all you need to jump into the Death Valley RPG. It will be followed by a comprehensive core rulebook in late 2024.

Includes the starter scenario: Showdown at Scorpion Gulch.
Target Audience:
★ Seasoned role-players hungry for something different.
★ Fans of the Western and/or horror genres.
★ Groups looking for a quick-to-learn system for a campaign break.

Selling Points:
♦ Uses the Year Zero Engine. Quick to learn.
♦ Includes all the lore needed to play in the world of Death Valley.
♦ A new take on the Western Genre.
♦ Includes a starter scenario with 4-6 hours of play