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DerrocAr is a game published by Ion Game Design that focuses on a short period of history with political turmoil. Derrocar, designed by a native Argentinian Bruss Brussco, is a card game about the several weeks in which Argentina had five presidents.

Are you ready to take a role in some of the most peculiar weeks in political history? Be one of the provincial governors trying to reach the presidency of Argentina in the middle of the political and economic crisis of 2001.

In this 1-5 player board game you play as the Senators and Governors of the provinces, all seeking to outmaneuver the others and become the next President of the República Argentina. In a country tired of politicians, you need to prove that you are the least bad option, by making sure that the provinces of the other governors are full of conflicts. By making it look like your opponents cannot even manage their own provinces, they will be even less able to manage the country. The game
ends when a player is declared President

The rounds are divided into two phases:
First, you have to choose one of the options on the board (propose a Laws, Decrees, Debt Payment, Embezzlement Fund, etc) and then buy cards from the Market. At the next phase, you play a set of cards from your hand (Make Operations, Lobby, create conflict with the Establishment, create bad campaigns with the press, etc). Meanwhile, you handle your economy, the events (Lootings, Floods, a Bush's call, more) and negotiate short alliances.

To win, you must be the player with the most Support when the game ends because other players are full of conflicts.

The game comes with a modular system that allows the players to choose the complexity level that best suits their tastes.