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Dodos Riding Dinos - Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon Mini (Kickstarter)

Draco Studios

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This character can be played in Dodos Riding Dinos as a racer or in War for Chicken Island as a machine. Also includes cards for more crossovers between both games.

- 1 Mecha Chicken Dimetrodon miniature

- 1 racer card for Dodos Riding Dinos

- 1 custom meeple for Dodos Riding Dinos

- 1 Mecha Chicken Dino Machine card for WfCI.

- 1 Leader card to play Oby & The JJJ's in War for Chicken Island.

- 1 Racer card to play Krakatoa & Cannons miniatures as a runner in Dodos riding Dinos.