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Dog Park: New Tricks Expansion (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

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This listing is a deposit for a copy of Dog Park: New Tricks Expansion + Dogs of the World Expansion + Kickstarter Backer Bundle. Paying this deposit secures you a copy of the game. The remaining balance ($TBD) will be due when the game is available.

Dog Park: New Tricks
An Expansion for Dog Park (requires base game to play)

Designed by Lottie and Jack Hazell
Art by Holly Exley, Dann May, and Kate Avery
1-5 players | 50-90mins play time | Ages 10+

Dog Park: New Tricks adds three major elements to the Dog Park board game: Multi-breed dogs, Trick training, and Super Locations. This expansion also adds a fifth player, which can be played with or without New Tricks. 

  • An additional 60 dog cards featuring multi-breeds like the Cockapoo and Bernedoodle, and rescue pups too. 
  • New Tricks enhances and enriches the existing strategies and mechanics in Dog Park. With this expansion, Dog Park becomes a more complex game. 
  • The same high-quality production as Dog Park including wooden resources and an adorable squishy toy-shaped resource Game Trayz.