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Dungeons of Infinity (Deposit) (Kickstarter Edition)

Sky Kingdom Games

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This listing is a deposit for the Kickstarter version of Dungeons of Infinity. The expansion, Kingdom Cost, is also available during this Kickstarter. Paying this deposit secures you access to the pledge manager. The remaining balance ($TBD) will be due when the game is available. 

Explore an unknown dungeon with up to 5 Heroes. The dungeon is created randomly as you explore. Experience over 100 different events that are randomly generated. Each game is a completely different experience. Never play the same game twice in your lifetime.

Single game or campaign play are available either cooperatively or competitively the game system adjusts to either. Dungeon enemies track you, lay in wait for you or follow you. The game system controls the events. As you explore the dungeon each hero has different ways in which they draw unwanted attention. It is up to you the player to manage and control your exposure in the Dungeon. Combat is decided by dice rolls, but the damage is not random.

Events and equipment are card based with over 400 cards. The game has scenarios that are designed for unlimited replayability and story-based campaign scenarios with secrets and surprises.