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Eclipse - 2nd Dawn: Seekers Expansion


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This expansion introduces two new species to play your Eclipse - 2nd Dawn for the Galaxy with, The Magellan and The Enlightened of Lyra.

The Magellan:

The Magellan are forever travelling between galaxies in their enormous worldships, collecting and exploiting relics of civilizations long gone. Their ships synthesize resources from the cosmic debris and are able to sustain the worldship during the long aeons spent in the void. The Wardens have specialized in tracking the Ancient relics, looking for their source. Just as the Ancients are rising, the great worldships arrive on the fringes of our galaxy. The Council informants claim that the pattern of their appearance suggests that the Magellan are here not just to explore and exploit, but to seek a long-standing galactic dominance.

The Magellan gain a free Discovery Tile from Technological advancement and score points at the end of the game for Discovery Tiles used as Ship Parts. They can use their Colony Ships to gain Resources.

The Enlightened of Lyra:

The Enlightened preferred the reclusion of the Lyra system, slowly expanding their elaborate Shrine grid into the neighboring star systems and subliming their minds into it. The Enlightened were only recently contacted by the Seven, when the edges of the growing grid were discovered. As the Shrines connect in the mind sublimation process, they form powerful Trinities that reshape the base manifold structure, allowing for significant leaps in the civilization' progress. The Enlightened colonisation fleets have reportedly tapped into the grid, causing minor warping of the causality continuum and turning the tide of several battles.

The Enlightened construct Shrines, which allow them to unlock bonuses and score points at the end of the game. They can use their Colony Ships to reroll dice.

The Second Dawn editions of these races have numerous little balance tweaks, such as adjustments to starting resources and sectors. The Enlightened also have a completely redone Shrine mechanic.

Contents (preliminary):

  • Game Box
  • Rulebook
  • 2x Player Tray
  • 2x Player sheet
  • Cargo Hold storage tray

  • Species components (in 2 colours)
    • 8x Interceptor miniature
    • 4x Cruiser miniature
    • 2x Dreadnought miniature
    • 4x Starbase miniature
    • 33x Population Cube
    • 16x Influence Disc
    • 3x Ambassador Tile
    • 1x Turn Order Variant token

  • The Enlightened extra components:
    • 1x Shrine Board
    • 9x Shrine Miniature
    • 1x Influence Disc