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Elevenses: The Guilty Party (Kickstarter)

Grail Games

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Kickstarter Exclusive: Includes set of 5 handkerchiefs

Mrs. Lansdowne has been murdered! And at her very own morning tea party, too! One of the players around the table must be the guilty one!

Elevenses: The Guilty Party is a 2-5 player card game that has each player setting their tea table with delicious foods, all the while casting suspicion cubes on other players in efforts to assist the constable in their arrest for murder!

With each turn, players will choose to either snack on a card and get its special ability, adding it to their tableaux, or rearrange their tableaux to set up for future turns. The player with the best meal when the game ends gets the most suspicion cast on their fellow guests. The least suspicious innocent guest wins the game… unless the murderer got away with it, then the murderer is victorious.