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Exhaust (Import) (Japanese Language)

Okazu Brand

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Please note. Exhaust is playable without understanding Japanese, but it does not include an English instruction manual. You can download a PDF of the English instructions by clicking here.

Exhaust is a game of one elimination. One player is eliminated and the other players win.

In this game, each player is dealt a set number of 64 spell cards, consisting of four colors 1-15 and four special = cards.

There are also up to 10 combo cards on the table, like poker roles.

The game is played in a clockwise rotation.

When it is your turn, you must either a) play a Spell Card according to the rules of the Combo Card, or b) play a Time Stop Card. Either of the two is performed.

If neither can be done, the player is eliminated and loses the game.

Since there is almost no hand replenishment, the key point is how to struggle to survive as the situation is getting worse and worse, as the number of cards in hand decreases and the conditions for being able to play combo cards become tougher and tougher.