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Explorers of Navoria - Forgotten Lands Expansion (Kickstarter)

Dranda Games

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New paths lead to forgotten lands, and with that comes a host of exciting possibilities!

Explorers or Navoria: Forgotten Lands brings a huge range of new content that changes how the game plays. Players will now have asymmetrical powers, and new starting equipment. There is also a new worker location and a brand new deck of cards.

Bonuses at the end of the explorer tracks are now replaced with variable scoring objectives, and there are additional faction bonuses for reaching the end of the explorer tracks first.

Additionally, each round will have a unique scoring objective. Will you play the short game and aim for the current objective, or plan ahead and try to score big later in the game?

Explorers of Navoria also comes with all the components needed to play the game with five players. PLUS it now has a solo campaign, that has three difficulty levels and variable side missions, making each solo game highly repayable.