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Fafnir (Oink)

Oink Games

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This is a game about some brothers that inherit a chicken named "Fafnir" and are competing to se who can get the gems that Fafnir is laying. Fafnir is a high tempo, smooth moving game, but also requires some intense tactical thinking in each round. Though the gameplay is simple, players have a lot of freedom. Depending on a player's way of thinking, they could end up slapping the table in excitment and saying "Ah!" or they might be happy one moment and sad another, depending on the luck of the stones that appear in the game. This is a game that players will want to keep playing again and again!

• 80 wooden pieces
• 1 cloth bag
• 4 dividing screens
• 1 Fafnir board
• 45 score chips
• 1 trash board
• game manual Ages 9+, 2-4 players, 20 minutes