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Fantasy Form

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Alchemists study the secrets of transforming their bodies into powerful elemental forms capable of impossible feats. A rival Alchemist seeks to abuse this ability for their own gain. Push your skill to the limits and defeat them before they reach their full power.

FantasyForm is a solo-only game where the player must defeat a rival Alchemist. Adapt to changing events, acquire resources to use powerful elemental Forms, and defeat your Rival in this spiritual successor to our previously released Lucas Gentry game, SpaceShipped.

Each turn, the player resolves two Encounters (one from the top Outlands row and one from the lower Forge row). These Encounters may earn or cost the player valuable Shards or Essences that can be spent later to acquire helpful Upgrades. They may instead be forced to make a difficult choice or even take damage as they pursue their quarry.

Next the player may buy and sell any Essences from the Ethereal row and spend whatever wealth they have on Upgrades. Artifacts and Companions add powerful abilities and increased damage against the Rival. Forms offer a bit of both, and are necessary to face the Rival.

Every turn advances the clock, bringing the player into direct conflict with their Rival. Once the Ethereal Row begins to run out of cards, the Rival acts either by gaining an elemental Form or by dealing damage. If the player’s character survives this initial strike, they may spend Shards to deal damage in return. Damage inflicted persists if the Rival is not defeated, but there are only so many chances to win: each time the Rival acts, they tick down the number of actions they have remaining. The player must deal sufficient damage to the Rival before they use their last action to secure victory!

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Age: 8+