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Final Fantasy TCG: Boss Deck - Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix

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Boss Fight is a multi-player game format played by 3 to 4 players (1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3). 2 to 3 players will become the “hero” and form a party to strategize and cooperate together and challenge against the powerful “Boss” that will use the Boss Deck. Boss Fight-specific cards used in Boss Decks have very powerful effects that are not seen in Standard Constructed format matches, allowing players to have an exciting game experience that can only be felt in a Boss Fight.

“MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGE Boss Deck - FINAL FANTASY VII” is the second pre-constructed deck to be released as a Boss Fight-specific deck, following “Boss Deck - Chaos” that was released in 2021. This deck specializes in FINAL FANTASY VII and contains many Boss Fight-specific cards for antagonists from the series, such as Sephiroth and Rufus.

By using the 17 cards to change difficulty levels, players can further strengthen their Boss Decks and raise the difficulty. Players can adjust the difficulty based on their experience; beginners can play with the pre-constructed deck with no changes, and advanced players can use the cards to change the difficulty level. This allows for multiple repeated playthroughs with just one deck.

Additionally, the Boss Fight-specific cards are specially made with a frame different from those that are included in booster packs. Although they cannot be used for Standard Constructed format matches, they are highly collectible.

★ Card Breakdown ★
• 70 Boss Fight-specific cards*
• 30 reprinted cards**

*Boss Fight-specific cards with different card frames cannot be used in standard Constructed format matches.

** Reprinted cards can be used in standard Constructed format matches.

*This product cannot be played on its own. You will need two (three players) or three (four players) 50-card constructed decks to play.

Reprinted Legendary cards and Starter cards, 3 cards each
☆ Kadaj [11-140S] Premium Full Art Card
☆ Rufus [8-109L] Standard Card