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Flowers - A Mandala Game

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In FLOWERS, your goal is to collect flower tiles by achieving majorities through clever card play. Skillfully build Mandalas to claim the best tiles; combining and multiplying them to create exquisite flowers of your own!

Expanding on the possibilities laid out by its predecessor, Mandala, this game immerses two to four players in a world of dynamic card play and tactical decisions. FLOWERS is easy to learn but will present a new and interactive challenge everytime you play!

  • EXPLORE MANDALAS: Dive into the vibrant world of Flowers: A Mandala Game, the third installment in the beloved Mandala series, designed for 2-4 players and perfect for ages 10 and up.
  • QUICK & ENGAGING PLAY: Enjoy a fast-paced game that takes just 20-30 minutes, ideal for family game nights and gatherings with friends.
  • STRATEGIC DEPTH: Engage with a game that offers minimal rules but deep strategic gameplay, where players vie to combine flowers of the same color across three mandalas to maximize their points.
  • INCLUDES PREMIUM COMPONENTS: Comes with a colorful linen playmat, 90 playing cards, 36 cardboard tiles, and 3 tokens, providing a high-quality tactile experience.
  • ARTISTIC DESIGN: Features stunning artwork by Klemens Franz, enhancing the thematic appeal and immersive experience of building floral mandalas.


  • 1 cloth playmat
  • 90 playing cards
  • 36 cardboard tiles
  • 3 cardboard tokens