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Forgery RPG

Game and a Curry

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It’s 2023 in New York City. You graduated from art school with dead prospects and too much talent. Nobody wants to hire a painter who doesn’t have extraordinarily rich parents. The art gallery scene in New York City only takes the wealthiest, most well-connected people. Unfortunately, you’re a nobody. Sure, you aced all your classes and you have a great eye. But it’s hard to make it into Art Forum magazine. Instead, you’ve found contract work in replicating famous paintings and selling them online, which is actually legal as long as you specify it’s a reproduction. The pay hasn’t been great…until you receive your latest commission.

Forgery is a story of a down-on-her-luck art forger named Tempest, who receives a new commission to recreate a painting that they discover is cursed over time. It is a solo tabletop roleplaying game where the player (you) will be coloring in a paint-by-numbers image. The colors that you choose determine the outcome to the story.