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Galactic Renaissance


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Following Inis, Galactic Renaissance is the second installment of the "Political Trilogy" by designer Christian Martinez and publisher Matagot.

Throughout Galactic Renaissance, you build your team, adding new specialists — each one unique — to the core in your deck of cards. With this team, you discover new planets and systems, reconnect with lost civilizations, expand your influence, build embassies, and sow disorder in opposing factions — all in an effort to score victory points faster than your opponents. Sending emissaries to new planets, for example, allows you to discover new civilizations or cement relationships on known planets. Opponents may try to convince a planet to join them instead with their own emissaries, causing disorder in the process.

★ A Grand Spacefaring Odyssey: Galactic Renaissance promises a thrilling journey through the stars. Discover exotic planets, encounter lost civilizations, and shape the destiny of the galaxy. This is a game for those who dream of interstellar adventure.
★ Strategic Depth and Replayability: Every decision counts in Galactic Renaissance. Expand your empire, build embassies, and even manipulate rival factions to your advantage. The game's multiple paths to victory ensure no two sessions are ever the same.
★ A Blend of Exploration and Diplomacy: This isn't just about conquering planets. It's about forging alliances, establishing trade routes, and mastering the delicate balance of interstellar politics.
★ Immersive Theme and Artwork: Galactic Renaissance transports you to a vibrant, believable universe. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and rich lore that bring the galaxy to life on your tabletop.
★ Ideal for Strategy Enthusiasts: If you savor games with resource management, clever negotiation, and the thrill of outsmarting your opponents, Galactic Renaissance has your name written all over it.

• 12 Emissaries minis
• 1 Home Planet player board
• 7 Core Team cards
• 5 Institute minis
• 1 VP marker
• 65 other cards (31 Specialist cards
• 18 System cards
• 16 Objective cards)
• 18 Planet tiles
• 7 Foundation minis
• 5 Diplomat markers
• 36 Portal tokens (12 red
• 12 yellow
• 12 blue)
• 20 Stability tiles
• 1 New Galactic Senate board
• 6 Disorder markers.