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Gratitude: A Horror Game RPG

Exalted Funeral Press

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The most interesting day of a person's life is the day when it ends. But this isn't a place for ordinary people. This is a place for the strong, the worthy, and those willing to compromise everything.

What is Gratitude?
In short, Gratitude is a storytelling game about trying to please an unknowable god-being in the hopes of being able to leave this terrible place. Once you die - and you will die - you might return as a Haunt, a pale shade of what you were in life. And you will turn against those you most recently called friends.

This is a game about losing everything.
This is a game about being grateful for what you have.

Gratitude uses simple, hackable mechanics where players roll a die and try to beat the Fear Die in the middle of the table. On a success, the Fear Die increases, and on a failure they take damage equal to the Fear Die. This ensures tensions are always rising!