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Gravekeepers (Import)

Polar Pond Games

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English rules can be downloaded here.

In Gravekeepers, you become a guide to the spirit world. While possessing two gravekeepers, you patrol a cemetery of four rows and four columns, listening to the troubles of ghosts wandering in the graveyard and guiding them to the spirit world. Be careful not to let yourself fall down by accepting too many worries...

In more detail, first lay out the graveyard cards in a 4x4 grid, then place ghost cards on specific cards based on the icons on them: white ghosts on white white, black on black. The white gravekeeper moves vertically in the graveyard, while the black gravekeeper moves left and right.

On a turn, declare "white" or "black", then move the matching gravekeeper. Collect all of the ghost cards in the row or column next to where the gravekeeper stopped, then place one card from your hand face down on the graveyard card at the intersection of the two gravekeepers. Finally, activate the effects on the empty graveyard cards in the row or column where you collected cards.

At the end of the game, calculate your score based on your cards in hand and card effects. Whoever has the most points is eliminated, then the player with the most ghost cards wins.