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Heroscape: Revna's Rebuke: Kyrie Warriors Army Expansion Premium Painted Edition


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Above the clash of summoned creatures on the ground below, the wings of Valhalla’s native Kyrie Warriors beat alongside the drums of war. Among the throngs of combatants heroes rise to lead their people. Each armed with artifacts and magic unique to their General’s tribe, these winged warriors command an array of tactics for battlefield control. 

Expand your armies and fight for Valhalla with five new, highly detailed, and fully assembled figures: Qhyrion, Xiamara, Glinerva, Mielki, and Kilkorax! Choose your scenario, build your battlefield, select your army, and fight to win!


  • Five new heroes for Heroscape!
  • Featuring the Kyrie Warriors summoned during the Age of Annihilation!
  • Highly detailed and fully assembled!
  • Compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape releases!


  • 5 Highly Detailed, Fully Assembled Painted Miniatures
  • 5 Army Cards

At a Glance

  • For Ages: 14+
  • Game Type:  Miniature Game Army Expansion, Add-on product.