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Heroscape: Terrain Expansion - Waters of Valhalla


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Build and Customize!

Rivers and oceans, lakes and puddles. Water takes many shapes, and Valhalla’s many environments are defined as much by their water as by any fixtures of land. 

Build new environments over which to battle for Valhalla in HEROSCAPE: WATERS OF VALHALLA.

Add-on content. A Battle Box and/or Master Set is required for gameplay.


  • Over 40 hexes!
  • All new 3-hex water tiles!
  • Includes healing Wellspring Water Tiles!
  • Fully compatible with all Heroscape Master Sets and Expansions!


  • 24 1-hex Sparkly blue water tiles
  • 6 1-hex Wellspring water tiles
  • 5 3-hex Sparkly blue water tiles
  • 1 Rulesheet