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Hey, What Are You Going To Wear? (Import)

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This game does not include English instructions. Once we have them, we will upload them here. For now, you will find a basic rule outline below.

  • Buy clothes, (build hand)
  • Go outside. (batting)
  • The clothes you wear are awkward and recycled! ? (set collection)

Are you the type to follow fashion trends?
Even I, who doesn't follow the trend at all, sometimes hears that "Vivid colors are trending this year!"

"Hey, what are you going to wear? ] is a game with such an atmosphere where players become tossed about in such a trendy world and jump on the bandwagon or not.

Simple rule explanation

At the beginning, the player has only a "white T-shirt" that is not trendy.
In some industries, "white T-shirt" and "jeans" are enough, but "Hey, what are you going to wear?"
"Hey, what are you going to wear?" runs the game through two rounds.

● Buy clothes (hand building phase)

Players go to the store to buy clothes.
Player-colored clothes are fine, or you can go shopping for trendy clothes!
Ultimately, you will have 6 cards (clothes) in one round.

● Go out (batting phase)

Take out one card (clothes) from your hand.
If you wear it, it will be awkward and you will lose, so please be careful.
If you go out in trendy clothes and go out successfully, you will get a lot of points.
By the way, if you go out successfully in a white shirt, you will get even more points.
True fashion isn't about following trends.

● Recycle (set collection phase)

Let's recycle the clothes that have been stored in the closet when you wear them when you go out.
If you can recycle with a combination that has the upper and lower set up, the score will be higher!