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Iliad and Ichor (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Bitewing Games

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The Trojan War has begun, and both sides of the conflict pursue every advantage they can possibly gain. Two opposing heroes — Hector of the Trojans and Achilles of the Greeks — seek the favor of the gods to lend them support and tip the scales of fate. Only one side will emerge victorious, its hero becoming the legend of the Iliad.

Iliad is a tile-placement strategy game for two-players by Reiner Knizia. On your turn, select one of two tiles from your hand and place it onto the board adjacent to an opponent's tile. Both players have symmetrical pools of tiles, with their strength ranging from 1-5, along with the Dolos tile that mimics your opponent's adjacent tiles. The key to victory lies behind the relentless tension of where and when to commit your tiles. When placing a tile, you may also activate the tile's ability, which can serve to turn the tide of war.

When a row or column is filled, the player with the highest total strength in that line earns the right to select one of the two success tokens at the ends of that row or column; the other token goes to their opponent. Success tokens can earn you the favor of the Gods, and they can earn (or cost you) points. At the end of the game, the winner is the player who has earned the favor of all five Gods. If both players — or neither of them — meet this qualification, then the player who has earned the most points wins. Thus, players will face tough tactical trade-offs as they must decide whether to compete for exclusive favor of the Gods or for the most points — then influence the outcome of the game toward their intended advantage.

Iliad is the first game in the Mythos Collection, a line of two-player titles by Bitewing Games featuring strategy and mythology.


The dark monsters of Greek mythology have gathered for one final assault on Mount Olympus. The Greek gods are prepared to defend their sacred ground. Who will prevail in this decisive battle of blood and ichor?

Ichor is an asymmetric strategy game for two players by Reiner Knizia. In this mythological battle of wits, one player controls the Greek gods while the other controls the Greek monsters. On your turn, you move one of your figures in a straight line as far as you wish, leaving behind a trail of your tokens on each space you pass over. You can never move onto or over a space containing another figure, but you can replace opposing tokens with your own. The first player to get all of their tokens on the board wins.

Each figure possesses a unique ability that can be used only once per game. Thus, the winner will be the one who best leverages their abilities, sets themself up for big plays, and blocks their opponent from doing the same.

Reiner Knizia has developed and evolved Ichor from previous versions of this elegant design by:

  • Polishing the existing character abilities while adding new ones
  • Introducing an advanced gameplay expansion that features powerful gate tiles and even more gods and monsters (called the Reinforcements & Gates expansion)
  • Focusing the competition on a dual-play experience that grows in tension
  • Providing nearly 50 million possible set-ups thanks to 2 game boards, 24 characters, and 8 gate tiles

Ichor is the second game in the Mythos Collection, a line of two-player titles by Bitewing Games featuring strategy and mythology.