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In the Heart of Darkness

Studio 2 Publishing

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A dynamic, strategic and immersive Survival Horror experience filled with nightmares and your slim chance to make it out alive. In this dynamic, strategic and fast paced survival horror game, explore the many locations on the macabre island of Mora. In The Heart Of Darkness is a game with fast, dynamic, and suspenseful gameplay. The game is full of tactical choices and hard decisions that can punish or kill you if not played wisely. In The Heart Of Darkness drags you to the atmosphere of Gothic Horror novels and movies. It brings you directly into the macabre and the mysteries of an island filled with ancient secrets and demonic presence! An easy to learn experience for new players and fun for experienced ones. Replay value, scenarios and difficulty levels - overcome different challenges and goals. A dynamic, fast, intense and easy to learn system. Solo and co-op game for 1-4 players.