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A new edition of the Japanese trick taking game Zimbabweee Trick

Designed by Taiki Shinzawa

What makes it unique?

Cards do not clear from in front of players after a trick is resolved. Instead, you play your next card so that it overlaps to the left, making a larger number.

For example, if you play a 1 on your first turn, and a 5 on your second turn, your new number is 51. If you play an 8 on your following turn, you now have 851 in front of you. The numbers get VERY large, and it can be fun to say them out loud as you play (if you're into that sort of thing).

This one is also must follow, which can lead to you taking tricks you may not have expected. Bidding accurately before play starts is important as you get double points for the tricks you take if you bid perfectly. HOWEVER, the person who bid the highest and DOES NOT make their bid, gets ZERO points!