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Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube RPG (Deposit) (Kickstarter)

Monte Cook Games

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Paying this deposit secures you access to your choice of the version of the game you would like. The remaining balance ($TBD) will be due when the game is available.

Invisible Sun is the amazing and visionary tabletop roleplaying game by Monte Cook that introduces a truly unique and original setting, pioneers new modes of RPG play, and comes in an unprecedented physical production weighing in at over 30lb (14kg). Originally released in the summer of 2018, the Black Cube—the Invisible Sun core rules boxed set—sold out immediately. A second printing in 2019 similarly sold out within months.

Highly praised by gamers and critics alike for its detailed, immersive, and truly innovative surrealist setting, rich mechanics, and astounding beauty, the Black Cube is one of the most sought-after tabletop roleplaying products of recent history.

This legendary game is now coming back, with a limited reprint of this groundbreaking, but very hard-to-find, piece of RPG history.

Monte Cook Games is pleased to announce a crowdfunding campaign to reprint the Invisible Sun Black Cube. The campaign, launching this autumn, will bring the core game for Invisible Sun (the 30-pound Black Cube boxed set) back into print, reprint other items (such as the Vislae Kit) which have also been unavailable for some time, and offer tantalizing deals on Invisible Sun’s other exciting, beautiful, and innovative supplements. New items of interest to existing Invisible Sun fans may also be unveiled!