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Your goal in Klink is to have the lowest score possible to win the round. Win enough rounds, and you win the game!

The deck consists of cards ranging from -5 to 10. On a turn, take two cards from the deck, look at one of them, then decide whether to keep the cards or offer them to another player; if you offer them, that player can look at one card of their choice, then keep the cards, or offer them to someone else. If the final player is being offered the card, they must keep them. Whoever ends up with the cards takes the next turn.

When a player has ten cards in front of them, the round ends, and everyone reveals their cards. If you have two cards of the same value, they cancel one another. Whoever has the lowest score wins the round.

  • QUICK AND EASY GAMEPLAY: Jump right into the fun with Klink's simple rules—learn and start playing in under 3 minutes, perfect for players of all ages.
  • THRILLING PUSH-YOUR-LUCK ELEMENTS: Experience the excitement with every card you play; push your luck to beat the odds and outsmart your opponents.
  • HIGHLY INTERACTIVE: Engage directly with other players, disrupting strategies and heightening the emotional stakes in every turn, making each game session uniquely dynamic.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Take the fun anywhere with Klink’s travel-friendly box—ideal for parties, family gatherings, or casual hangouts. Always be ready for game night!
  • COLORFUL AND ENGAGING DESIGN: Enjoy vibrant cards and enticing gameplay that make Klink not only fun to play but also a visually appealing addition to your game collection.


  • 63 Number cards
  • 12 Special Ability cards
  • 1 Score pad
  • Rulebook