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Le Roy des Ribauds (Import)

Studium Mundi

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English rules can be downloaded here.

Le Roy des Ribauds is a tense and strategic card game set in medieval France. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt a hand of three cards. A row of four face-down cards, called the Court, is laid on the table. There are four type of cards: Roi (King) , Reine (Queen), Chevalier (Knight) and Assassin (Rogue). On their turn, a player can either flip a card in the Court, revealing it, or play one of the cards from their hand to replace a card already in the Court. The player may put their card face-up, activating its effect, or face-down. Each type of card has its own effect, and the Roi (King), the Reine (Queen) and the Assassin (Rogue) have their own victory conditions, called conspiracies. Be the first to fulfill one of these conspiracies to win the game.