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Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron (Kickstarter)

Battle Systems

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Estimated to be available in Early 2024.

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Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game set in the kingdoms of Enveron, a prosperous continent on a distant world in the far future. What was once ancient technology has emerged from a long dark age to permeate every part of society, and is now known as Maladum, or simply magic…

The players will take control of small bands of Adventurers seeking their fortune. The starter set contains one party, for a single person playing solo or up to four players playing cooperatively. Additional Adventurers can be purchased separately to expand your party or assemble additional parties for multiplayer games.

Maladum is played in a series of narrative quests. Your party will be presented with a set of objectives and a map of the area, showing how to set out the detailed 3D gaming area. They will need to venture out from their camp, complete the objectives and get back to safety. That last part is vital!

Each round the players will take actions with their Adventurers – moving, fighting, drawing on magical abilities and exploring the gaming area. The Adventurers’ abilities and equipment are tracked using the game’s unique character dashboards, and the success of their actions is determined by rolling the various dice.

A character’s Health, Inventory space, and their use of Magic and other special Skills are all limited resources, so you will have tough decisions to make every round to make sure you’re getting the best out of your party.