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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Amazing Spider-Man & Black Cat Character Pack

Atomic Mass Games

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In the years since being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter
Parker’s life has been one constant adventure after another. From
battling super-powered foes of every size and description to saving
New York City more times than he can count, Peter has seen it all.
Still, he continues to put everything on the line using his
experience, his long list of friends, and sometimes even his longer
list of enemies to protect the innocent. Peter Parker is the Amazing
Spider-Man, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Felicia Hardy is
a world-renowned cat burglar with the latent ability to manipulate
probability, causing her enemies to suffer unpredictable luck. After
a chance encounter with Spider-Man, Felicia gave up a life of

lawbreaking (well, mostly) to become a crimefighter. Despite an on-
again, off-again romance with Spider-Man, she remains one of his

closest allies, occasionally even giving up large scores in order to do
the right thing. Felicia Hardy is the Black Cat, and the odds have a
way of always landing in her favor.