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Master of Respect: Orthodox vs. Heresy (Import)

Hoy Games

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This game does not include English Instructions. English instructions are accessible by clicking here.

In this 2 player version of Master of Respect, the players are rival instructors at different martial arts organizations. On their turn, a player will play an action tile from their hand and resolve its effects. The other player may then choose to "pay respect" to the player in order to also copy the effect of the tile. If they do, the active player's students may gain resources which the player will have access to in the next round.

The general effects of the action tiles are to acquire either of the games' two basic resources, additional respect tiles, buy more action tiles, or acquire/train new students.

In each round, each person will play 3 tiles from their hand and after 4 rounds the game ends. The player with the most points wins.