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Minodice Mino Dice


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Minotaur, a giant with a bull's head. 
He has a hobby of rolling dice when his prey appears in the labyrinth. 
But he doesn't just leave it to chance. 
Look at the dice in your hand and bet on how many times you can win or not.

If your predictions are right, you can even take down the Minotaur.



The Minotaur, a giant with a bull's head,

decides whether to roll the dice to saver or kill prey in the maze.


Luck will only get you so far in this game.

Depending on the dice you choose,

you will bet on whether you can beat Minotaur or not.

You have to compete psychologically

with the other person contmplating various probabilities.

Play it smart and you may even be able to knock the Minotaur down.